Emma Parker

Topics: Hip fracture, Orthopedic surgery, Screw Pages: 3 (739 words) Published: August 18, 2011
Dr. Carol Dodd dictating an operative report on Emma Parker


Hospital number 11259

Date of surgery 09/26/2011

Admitting physican: Sherman Loyd, MD

Surgeon: Carol Dodd, MD

Preoperative Diagnosis: Right intertrochanteric femoral fracture.

Postoperative Diagnosis: Same

Operative procedure: Open reduction internal fixation of right intertrochanteric femoral fracture with dipwheeze sliding screw.

Anesthesia: General endotracheal

Indications: The patient is a 69 year old black female who fell landing on her right hip. She was seen in the Emergency Room where physical exam and x-ray revealed an intertrochanteric right femoral fracture. She was admitted to Dr. Loyd’s service . After an orthopedic consultation and pre-operative clearance for surgery she was taken for ORIF.

Operation in Detail: After adequeate preoperative evaluation, preoperative medication and signing the informed consent the patient was taken to the operating room and administered a general endotracheal anesthetic with promininces well padded. She underwent an uneventful reduction and was placed on traction through a well padded boot. Her left lower extremity was flexed and abducted at the hip. All bony prominences and the paraneal nerve were well padded. Fluroscopic AP and Lateral images revealed a good reduction of her intertrochanteric femoral fracture. The right hip was sterily prepared with betadine scrub and solution and draped into the sterile field. She was administered IV preoperative antibiotics. A straight lateral approach to the proximal femur was made. Dissection was carried through the skin and subcutaneous tissue. Hemostasis was obtained with electro cautery . The fascia latta was divided in line with the skin incision. The fascia over the vastis latteralis was divided in line with the skin incision and the vastis latteralis was divided in line with its fibers revealing the lateral aspect of the proximal femur which was retracted with the...
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