Emma & Clueless

Topics: Social class, Jane Austen, Sociology Pages: 4 (915 words) Published: November 22, 2010

C appropriates E’s 19th Century context into a contemp. Beverley Hill’s society embedded in material availability and conspicuous consumption. o Austen’s PURPOSE not changed
( C ( satire of context and human nature
( C has other purp. ( Question value and validity of texts ( POMO TRANSFORMATION THESIS:
The transformation of a text helps develop and mold new meaning to its counterpart, and hence deepen the understanding of each text. However , it is important to note that for this meaning is to be conveyed, many of the themes within the original text must remain the same, it is the context and the values inherent within these themes that change.

o Both texts present, deluded central character living in own upper-class microcosm. • Emma living in C19th England ( ‘handsome, clever and rich’ woman of ‘one and twenty’ with ‘nothing much to distress or vex her’. ▪ Lives in a world based around inheritance, breeding, manners and respectability as means for social valuing. • Cher is a 15 year old living in the ‘Noxema commercial’ ‘land of imagists’ that is Beverley Hills in the 1990’s. ▪ Social values based upon material availability, image and conspicuous consumption. o Both protagonists attempt to transform a protégé of lower class and elevate them to their higher status. o Emma’s naïve intention of transforming Harriet by refining manners and intelligence (not to mention elevating ego) = IRONIC. ( contradicts stagnant class mobility of C19th England.

LINK ( sense of hierarchy retained in C.
▪ Cher introduces Tai to school cliques
o ‘Persian Mafia’ ( reflects sense of materialism and conspicuous consumption of society ( ‘you have to own a BMW to sit with them’. ( ALSO REFLECTED IN FIRST SCENE ( MONTAGE. o ‘Loadies that no respectable girl would date’

o LOADIES comment ironic because Cher tells Tai in the scene before that choosing a BF is a decision that ‘every girl...
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