Emma & Clueless

Topics: Sociology, Social class, Emma Pages: 2 (799 words) Published: May 16, 2013
Women in Regency England led underprivileged lives as society had a lower regard for the education and values of women. Regency England was a patriarchal society, long before women fought for their rights and values. Emma's immorality stemmed from her education from Miss Taylor and Austen uses a simile in the line describing their relationship, “less as a governess than a friend.” She uses authorial intrusion to explain to the readers the results of Emma's education “were the power of having rather too much her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself.” However not all women in Regency England were fortunate to receive personal education as Emma did. Austen utilises negative tone in the line “where girls might be sent to be out of the way and scramble themselves into a little education, without any danger of coming back prodigies,” to illustrate that most women in Regency England were repressed and deprived unless wealthy enough to afford an expensive boarding college or in Emma's case, a governess.

America in the 20th Century saw a tremendous leap for women – they had gained equal rights, freedom of speech, however, they had not yet achieved their vision of equality in all aspects of life. The feminist movement in 1992 played a major role in the advances of women equality, to the extent of being labelled as the Year of the Woman. Heckerling's satirises the modern day education system, believing it to be taken for granted as seen in Cher's oral, through the use of colloquial language “so, like, right now,” and her mispronunciation of “Haitians.” The panning view across the classroom immediately after her oral reveals the distracted teenagers, unwilling to participate in class. This view also reveals to us that boys and girls attended the same school in 90's America, thus receiving equal education in contrast to Regency England. Cher's immorality represents the attitude of the typical American teens - they are far too superior to...
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