Emma by Jane Austen

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Emma by Jane Austen

Journal entry 1

The beginning of 'Emma' is set in a small imaginary country village called Highbury, in around 1814 and the mood is playful and happy. The main characters in this scene are Emma Woodhouse the persona, Mr Woodhouse, Ms Taylor and Mr Knightly. Emma Woodhouse is described as 'Handsome, clever, and rich' and happy because she 'had lived nearly twenty-one years in the world with very little to distress or vex her’ The writer portrays how she is used to having her way and she believes she is superior to others through the words that she had ‘rather too much her own way, and a disposition to think a little too well of herself’. Mr Woodhouse is an 'affectionate, indulgent father' but also 'a nervous man, easily depressed' and hates change. Ms Taylor was Emma’s governess to substitute for Emma’s mother, which is shown through the quote that she was ‘an excellent woman as a governess, who had fallen little short of a mother in affection’ but in the beginning of the novel she is lately married to Mr Weston. Emma and Mrs Weston have a very sisterly relationship as it says ‘it was more the intimacy of sisters’ and Emma misses the company of Mrs Weston. Mr Knightley is ‘sensible man about seven or eight and thirty’ and ‘a very old and intimate friend of the family’ and brother of the man who married Isabella, Emma’s elder sister. He is also ‘one of the few people who could see faults in Emma Woodhouse, and the only one who ever told her of them…’ So far Ms Taylor has gotten married, we have met Mr Knightly, Emma misses Mrs Weston’s companionship and Emma has speculated who should marry Mr Elton, the vicar. The purpose of this opening scene is to introduce characters and give a background of their personality, history and their relationship with Emma. A major quote in this scene that shows Emma’s favourite pastime and Mr Knightley’s opinion on Emma’s matchmaking, Emma says “I planned the match from that hour; and when such success has...
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