Emma's Parlor

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For this case, we are considering that the situation happened during March of 2012. During this time, Emma established her business with stability and rapid growth. With the current trend in online connectivity, online businesses are emerging and gaining popularity.


The attitude of mind that must be used which will determine the opinions and judgements for this case analysis is that of a generalist, a person who has the aptitude, knowledge and skills in several areas as opposed to that of a specialist. This will be effective for the case because it will let the reader have an overview the company as whole and not just focus on a specific characteristic.

In this case we shall be the consultant for Emma Lathbury to resolve the issues she is encountering towards her tearoom and online business. Since she is experiencing burnouts for the business, she is now confused and needs help from a third-party who can see the bigger picture in the situation and someone who can think out-of-the box which can give fresh ideas to help her resolve her issues towards her business.

Therefore, suggesting points on how to maximize and utilize the strengths and opportunities of the business then eliminate the weaknesses and threats that would further result to progressive business operations and and address the root cause of the central problem stated on subsequently on this case study.


• Emma Lathbury’s business was getting big for her to handle and because of this, she is experiencing burnout because handling it together with the internet business and workshops is already too much for her 52 year old body to do alone. It was too much for her to manage.

• Because of this, she is torn between whether she would focus on the internet enterprise alone, the tea room alone, devise a plan so that she can still juggle both or totally let go of all the facets of the growing business by selling it outright.


• The objective of this case analysis is to propose the course of action Emma Lathbury should take with regard to her business that is currently still on the rise. Given the fact that she is experiencing burnout as a result of handling too many business activities all by herself, she is confused as to whether to continue doing business or not.

This paper should provide the best solutions to Emma Lathbury’s problem with losing her drive and enthusiasm as a consequence to the growth of her business. Thus, it will be of help to Emma Lathbury to see what the best stroke will be and the changes that correspond to that specific decision.

The SWOT Analysis
• Strengths:
a. The specialty teas industry had taken off during the 1990s, with no end in sight to its current double-digit annual growth rate. b. The web-based business is flourishing, generating only a little less revenue than the tearoom. c. The business establishment already has a national reputation of earning outstanding reviews in numerous guidebooks. d. The business did not only offer a place for having a good tea but also it has become a place of workshops and a venue for special events and costume parties resulting for them to be always fully booked. •Weakness:

a. The continuous growth of the tearoom has become too much for one person to manage. •Opportunities
a. The business’ national reputation makes them attractive for franchisees to invest on it opening doors for more branches within the country. b. If maintained strategically, the internet business may be able to further the scope outside the country. •Threats

a. Emma Lathbury is already considering to selling the tearoom outright.

The following facts should be considered:
More than just herself, there are employees that might be affected by every decision that she will choose, so Emma Lathbury, as the owner should be extra cautious in carrying out every...
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