Emirates Id Card

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Emirates ID card (also called the National Identity Card) is an identification card, issued by the Emirates Identity Authority (EIA) (EIDA), that all UAE citizens (optional for diplomats) and residents are required to obtain. It will be necessary to produce your Emirates ID card to use UAE government services. Residents who have not yet applied for an Emirates ID card can wait until their residence visa expiry date and apply then (we think, if expiry is in 2012). Unknown what expats with residence visas expiring in 2013 or 2014 should do. Update 28 January 2012: it appears that this new extension applies to expats whose residence visa expires after 31 December 2012, not during 2012 - The Gulf Today reported that The Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) has emphasised that the decision of the grace period for registration in the Population Register and the ID Card for the residents in Abu Dhabi, Dubai and Sharjah, which was previously announced, is limited to those whose residence visas expire after Dec.31, 2012. Residents whose Emirates ID card is due for renewal have until 31 January 2012 if in Sharjah, 31 March 2012 if in Abu Dhabi, and 31 May 2012 if in Dubai.The extensions do not apply to expats working in government or semi-government organisations. Fines will apply to them from 01 January 2012. Emirates ID card registration costs, fees, and charges

Payment is made to the typing center from mid 2010 in Abu Dhabi, and by mid-September 2010 (maybe) in other Emirates. Typing centers are only supposed to charge an additional AED 70 processing fees (or less) according to EIDA. Dr Ali Al Khoury, Acting General Manager of Emirates Identity Authority (EIDA) said in a Gulf News report 08 August 2010 "We have received complaints that some of the certified typing centres have been taking more service charge for the pre-registration process than the approved amount" and that applicants should report typing centers that overcharge,...
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