Emirates Airline, Inflight Service Department in Managing Knowledge, Communication and Information

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Emirates Airline
Inflight Service Department
Managing Communication, Knowledge and Information

The Inflight service department purpose is to deliver the five star inflight experience to our valued customers onboard. The best strategy to deliver the best experience to customers is to distribute outstanding knowledge among cabin crew about inflight product and services. With on ground appropriate training , cabin crew manage to have sufficient knowledge about basic product and services but to feed the cabin crew continuously with onboard update and change the management need to maintain a way that make the crew aware about the change so they can apply the change onboard in time. Moreover, to make sure the cabin crew acknowledge the change and perform well with the company standard, there is assesment from time to time conducted by senior crew that will be filed in that particular crew’s folder managed by cabin crew manager. This is one way to keep the cabin crew manager informed about particular crew performance, and its called cabin crew performance matter. Cabin crew performance assesment contain an area of development session so that the particular crew could know what area of improvement he/she has to work on and it said on the system the crew will have another assesment in some period of time. But it only says crew will have to do an assesment, and most of the time the other senior on the next flight doesn’t know what is actually area of development of this particular crew member from the previous assesment. So the senior wouldn’t notice whether this crew has already made an improvement or not. And this situation make the next assesment repeating the previous one again and again. Crew portal is another tool to share information towards all crew in the company, it is an online website designed to make cabin crew life easy for accesing their email account, checking their roster, bidding and swapping for the flight, access any update from the company, observe their performance matter periodically, etc The best thing about crew portal is that it is linked to several website managed by Emirates to assist its employees in many ways, such as, link to staff travel website for assistance with buying travel ticket or checking the flight status etc, and another link to Emirates group world, the site to access various news and update and to know what is going on recently in the company. Each crew has their own mailbox at Emirates head quarter and anytime there is update for crew manual, crew required to obtain the manual update slip from their mailbox before particular deadline time. Otherwise, crew won’t be able to commence a flight without the update slip inserted in their manual after the date of deadline.

1)How work based knowledge applied to make decision onboard?

Cabin crew main role is to ensure the safety and security onboard. They have been trained for safety and security related matter and they carry the cabin crew emergency manual anytime they’re on duty. Any safety or security issues, cabin crew need to make decision based on their safety and security knowledge that they have been trained for. Example : during pre flight safety security check they found a suspicious item on board and the correct procedure is not to touch or remove it and then inform the captain about its location and description about the item. And then the captain will make a decision to inform the engineering if the item is really suspicious and need to be removed by engineering.

Another role of cabin crew is to commence service onboard for the customers, and during service various problem might be occured, and crew need to apply their knowledge to overcome the problem and to maintain customer satisfaction through Emirates standard. Example: one customer is really intoxicated and become aggressive during service, crew need to make decision to discontinue serving him further alcoholic drink, and crew need to asses further condition of...
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