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Background to Emirates Airline:
Emirates Airline is a commercial aviation operator. Funded entirely by the Government of Dubai it was established in 1985. For a relatively young enterprise it has achieved great success and become a major competitor within the air transport industry. Today Emirates is one of the most successful global airline services, with its annual growth having never fallen below 20% per annum (Emirates, 2010). Focusing its efforts at providing long haul flight travel options, Emirates have built a reputable brand image for delivering a high quality product and service.

Emirates airline prides itself on the expertise of its staff, the high standard of quality and service throughout its class offerings and the capabilities of its fleet. From its founding "Emirates has set out to be an innovative, modern, and customer-oriented provider of high quality air travel services", (Dinar Standard, 2010) a standard it maintains today. Fly Emirates is the largest provider of air transport in the Middle East, it also represents an iconic symbol and source of economic stability for the United Arab Emirates nation. ‘The strong air transport sector is central to economic growth in the UAE,’ (Euromonitor, 2010) encouraging foreign direct investment, tourism and trade. (Euromonitor, 2010). The UAE has become the largest travel hub in Africa and the Middle East, Dubai international airport experienced passenger growth of 9.2% in 2009. (Emirates Group, 2010). 5 Competitive Advantage:

Competitive advantage is a term used to describe elements or attributes of an organisation that allows it to achieve greater success than competitors (Faulkner D.O. & Campbell A, 2003). It is defined as ‘delivering superior value to customers and in doing so earning an above average return for the company and its stakeholders’. (McGree J, Thomas H. and Wilson D, 2005, p164).

Davidson (1987) states ‘Competitive advantage is achieved whenever you do...
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