Eminem and Maslow's Hierarchy

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  • Published : April 2, 2013
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Psychology Assignment 2
Part 1
A goal I have recently accomplished was mastering a new addition to my favourite way of cutting a deck of cards I have been working on for a few months.

I achieved this goal by practicing the card cut nice and slowly to make sure I am doing it right just like the past card flourishes I have learned. I found even though I was very slow when I started I still got excited knowing I was doing the moves right and it reinforced in my mind that if I just keep repeating the motion slowly my hands would develop a habit of doing it right and I would be able to progressively perform the flourish faster and more fluently.

This goal has possessed both intrinsic and extrinsic awards for me, some examples of the intrinsic awards include: It feels really great to be able to do something I think looks so incredible that very few people can do, I also love the attention I get when I perform the flourish in public. One really big extrinsic award this goal gives me is the ability to show I am a skilled performer when meeting potential clients who are interested in hiring me, without even having to perform any magic, they can see I possess a great deal of control over a deck of playing cards allowing me to charge more for gigs.

On Maslow’s Hierarchy I would place the motivation behind accomplishing my goal in 2 categories: Social and Self Esteem. I would pick social because a large reason of why I learned it was because it gets people talking, captures people’s attention and it makes me unique in a crowd. I would pick self-esteem because just knowing I have the ability to do such a complex flourish makes me feel good about myself and also reminds me I can learn many simpler moves that used to seem too difficult to me in the past

Comparing the motivation behind my goal to the theories of Drive Reduction, Intrinsic/Extrinsic, and Maslow’s Hierarchy I believe Maslow’s theory is the most accurate. It wasn’t drive reduction because I wasn’t...
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