Emily Dickinson Belonging- Belonging Can Enrich and Limitation of Experiences

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  • Published : March 22, 2013
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An Individual’s interaction with others and the world around them can enrich or limit their experience of belonging. The desire to belong shapes and informs one’s existence. Whilst a sense of belonging attained through the relationships that we form with people and placet and allows us to feel an enriched sense of fulfilment and acceptance. from an individuals failure to form strong relationships can lead to a limited sense of belonging. relationships cerbates that sense of isolation and exclusion from their society/community. The concepts of both belonging and not belonging are both depicted, this notion is explored in the work of Emily Dickinson - especially in such poems as as “I had been hungry “, “I gave myself to him” and “This is my letter”. Dickinson’s poetry reflects the people, time and place when she was writing, the early 19th century during the Romantic period. Her poems reveal the influences of one’s interaction with others and the world can have on the experiences of one’s inner self, their relationships and their interaction with the world, which may enrich or limit their experience of belonging. An enriched or limited experience of belonging of and individual’s interaction with others and the world may reveal significant truths of the individual. Dickinson scrutinized the inextricable links between orthodoxy, the formation of an individual’s identity and the agonizing paradox of belonging. This can be seen in “I had been hungry” which demonstrates the persona’s desire for acknowledgement and her Asceticism. “I looked in windows for the wealth, I could not hope for mine”, appears to be an anguished cry for inclusion and indicates her envy when looking in at those who have a sense of belonging. though she finally acknowledges that while communion with others is tempting, she would lose too much of her natural self by conforming. The words, “Nor was I hungry, so I found”, reflects her longing to sample the bounty having been satisfied by her...
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