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Topics: Emotion, Death, Love Pages: 2 (604 words) Published: January 2, 2013
Losing a loved one may be one of the hardest things a person has to go through in life. Dealing with death entails a great grief process and it is a hard and emotional challenge one will have to face. In the poem "The last night that She lived" written by Emily Dickinson, the speaker is coming to term with someone he/she knows in dying. With his/her friend dying , the speaker is hit with multiple emotions such as feeling intense pain, guilt, love, and even envy towards the dying women.

As the speaker interacts with the dying women, it becomes apparent that the speaker cares deeply for her friend and the death will affect the speaker greatly. The impact of the women's death is made known multiple times in the poem. The night according to the speaker was a common night but the death of the women made nature different (stanza 1). It is apparent that the death of the women not only affected the speaker, but also affected others as shown throughout the poem with the use of plural pronouns. The speaker's great pain towards the women's death is shown in line 19 where it's stated that the speaker was too jostled were our souls to speak".

As the night goes on the speaker's senses is heighten in awareness as it goes to show in line 5 and 6 " we notices smallest things, things overlooked before. The speaker states that events of that night are "italicized" in line 8. These examples come to show that the death of the women not only affects the speaker's night, but also causes the speaker to notice and feel more. Further, down the poem, the speaker starts to show bits of guilt towards the dying woman. The poem includes two example of so, shown in line 11 "And rooms where those to be alive tomorrow were, a Blame that others could exist" and "that others could exist while she must finish quite". These lines indicate the fact that the speaker feels guilty at the fact that she was to live while her friend could not.

In addition to the pain and heighten senses, the...
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