Emily Dickinson

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Janet Lester
Professor Stewart
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“Uncertain of the Uncertain”
Interpreted By Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson wrote very distinctive poetry on the delight and twinge of existence. Her poetry is dense, sharp but sometimes vague. In selecting two of Emily Dickinson’s poems, “Because I could not stop for Death," and "I felt a Funeral in my Brain", I noticed that in one poem “ I felt a Funeral in my Brain”, Dickinson presents unsettling images about death such as being aware, cognizant, but yet in the grave. But in “Because I could not stop for Death” she made it seem as if it offered a peace of mind and solitaire. However, from her poetry, one looks at death in a new light whether being scared or realizing that death is inevitable and we all must be prepared. Dickinson presents a rather cordial view of death in both poems. Her writing dictates that death entails an adjustment in perspective from the human mind to a perspective that is more open minded. In other words, her poetry describes a period of adjustment in which she adjusts to a new state of awareness and being. In reading these two poems Emily Dickinson displays her attitude towards mortality.

Emily Dickinson's poems "Because I Could Not Stop for Death" and "I Felt a Funeral in My Brain" all deal with one of life's few certainties, death. Dickinson's passionate curiosity towards mortality was present in both of the poems.

"Because I could Not Stop for Death" is one of Emily Dickinson's most famous poems. Death in this poem is told as a woman's last trip, which is headed towards eternity. In the poem she gives personification to death by making it a nice man taking her for a ride and they pass the joys of life in their route to eternity. This poem helps to distinguish and bring death down to a more personal level, different from the more traditional views of death, (brutal and cruel). Dickinson makes death seem submissive and easy. The theme of the poem being that death is...
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