Emily Bronte Research Paper: Necessity to Overcome Obstacles and Succeed

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Emily Bronte Research Paper Draft
Whether it is an internal or external conflict, everyone faces obstacles that result in a growth of character, positive or negative. It is essential to overcome these obstacles and succeed because the opposite course of action is unimaginable: an unfulfilling existence that reduces a person’s value in society. Personal growth can only be obtained by not being afraid of challenges, having the desire to be an individual with his/her own morals, while still being able to function in a society, which has its own set of rules and regulations. Although trying to be part of a society or community for some it is a struggle for acceptance, the outcome impacts the quality of life of each person, whether it is now or two hundred years ago. Primary characters in literature are portrayed with similar characteristics that allow them be able to remain individuals while being faced with the restrictions of the society that they are part of. These characteristics include being a leader, outspoken, socially powerful, intelligent, driven, and manipulative. All of these traits are part of the characters in Emily Bronte’s Wuthering Heights: Catherine, Heathcliff, Hinton, Edgar, and Isabella. A prominent theme seen through out the catalogue of Emily Bronte’s novels is the timeless struggle between what society dictates versus the wants and desires of an individual. Emily Bronte’s life mirrors this theme of oppression and repression that is reflected within most of her works. She was in a constant internal battle between fulfilling her role as lady in Victorian society, and trying to overcome the oppression of her gender to be her own person. Most of her life she felt trapped and unable to expressing her true opinions which is the inspiration for her work ("World Changer: Emily Jane Bronte"). This oppression caused her to feel isolated and alone which had a negative impact on her perspective of society, as seen through her writing of novels and...
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