Emily Bronte

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  • Published : April 26, 2012
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Many times writing is based off of feeling or what’s going on around the author. It is often influenced by society and norms. Emily Bronte, author of Wuthering Heights, writes with great contrast to what is going on in her time period. She lays out how society is supposed to be, yet creates the character, Catherine, who defies all the norms. During the Victorian age women were very oppressed, it was also the rein of Queen Victoria and the patriarchal society, which is why Catherine is seen as such a rebel in the story, creating the thought that Wuthering Heights is an extension of how Bronte really feels about the her society. It was not an intentional for feminism to be such a big part of the story, however because of the historical background and the authors background it seen a lot throughout the story. Catherine is seen through a feminist view because she is coming out of the norms of her time and doing what makes her happy.

During the Victorian age women were very oppressed. The setting of the story was in this time where women were supposed to depend on a male and seek nothing to satisfy them.”Marriage was an economic necessity for women, and a wife was looked on only as her husband’s house-keeper and her children’s nurse and teacher.”(Wu). This is an example of the typical thought towards women of that time, which is shown in Wuthering Height when Catherine’s father passes and his brother assumes authority. Hadley, Catherine’s brother, cannot understand why Catherine refuses to conform to society and be normal.  She rebelled against the religion oppression, patriarchal society and the moral system.

Wuthering Heights was written and published ten years after Victoria's accession and almost at the end of a decade in which fiction for the first time in its history had largely troubled itself with social problems. “It was a product of its time” (Wu). The story creates a historical scene and allows modern day criticism to take place. Bronte allows you to...
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