Emily's Phobia Connection

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  • Published : April 29, 2013
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3 February, 2013
Emily's Phobia Connection
In the story, “A Rose for Emily” by William Faulkner, there are critical literary devices that help impact the message the author is implying. The Author uses devices such as imagery, point of view, and theme. These examples help with internal connections throughout the story, visualizations for the setting and characters, and a theme. This is where the reader tries to figure out the authors’ intentions for publishing the text. The highlighted literary devices can also provide the reader with a potential understanding of the authors personal life and opposing answers to the story that the reader may have felt unsure of in the beginning. Although searching and finding the overall message or theme of the story can be difficult; using the literary devices while reading will help the reader to make strong connections of the devices to form a theme and moral of the story.

There are countless imagery techniques used throughout the story. The author used this literary device to help give the reader a visualization of the characters and the setting. For example, the author describes the townspeople, the negro, and Emily."The Townspeople" were described when the author refers to "themselves" as a whole; the men of Jefferson, women of the town and past generations of the town. "The Negro" was described when the author says, "He talked to no one, probably not even to her, for his voice had grown harsh and rusty, as if from disuse"(Faulkner, 250). The author also describes Emily in the seventh paragraph where he says, "They Rose when she entered-- a small fat woman in black, with a thin gold chain descending to her waist and vanishing into her belt, leaning on an ebony cane with a tarnished gold head"(Faulkner, 245). The author also discusses the old house the woman lived in. Imagery helps the reader to make connections and if not, the author provides the connection by providing detailed individual perspectives on how the...
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