Emil Nolde

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  • Published : April 3, 2013
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Emil Nolde is the special, mystical artist in German Expressionism. At first, i chose him because his name sounded interesting to me, and the fact that i do not know any of the artists. However, i discovered very soon that his charm is much more than his name. He was able to create artworks with an intense psychological power and leave very strong impressions on people. He is very typical of a German Expressionist, as he distorts shapes and exaggerates colors to amplify a sense of anxiety and alienation. He is known for his vigorous brushwork and expressive choice of colors. Golden yellows and deep reds appear frequently in his work, giving a luminous quality to otherwise somber tones. His instincts were nationalist and conservative even though his art was regarded as experimental. He has the solitary and brooding nature like other northerners, despite the fact that he was part of the Die Brücke. He died at a ripe old age of 88 and produced many reputable masterpieces in his lifetime. He was certainly a great man in the field of art.

"Masks Still Life III", also known as "Masks", is among the most representational works of Emil Nolde. The painting appears to be scary to most viewers at the first sight, portraying distorted faces with a ghastly touch.the masks are very different from each other in terms of colour, shape, expression and orientation. However, they are also similar in terms of their hollow eyes and distorted expressions. The masks are depicted as exaggerated caricatures of human faces, with some having mutilated and siniste expressions.the masks overlap each other, creating an overcrowded, tensed atmosphere. The colours applied are flat and with no variations, creating a two dimensional feel. Yet the masks seem to pop out from the background because of the stark contrast in colour between the vibrant masks and bland background.

I chose this piece of work because i was attracted by the eerie atmosphere of the painting, different from what...
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