Topics: Emigration, Human migration, Immigration Pages: 3 (996 words) Published: April 20, 2013
     Emigration, a dream that almost everyone wishes it comes true, is a positive forward step that everyone should take if it is available. People argue that each one has to stay to help in developing his/her country, to be with his/her family as life is worth nothing without them, and to avoid racism that is spread all over the world. On the other hand, to emigrate does not stand for only getting away from a bad economic condition, but also it is a step for a bright future that guarantees a higher level of experience, better life quality, and more security

Firstly, emigrating to another country for a better job will surely let anyone get a higher experience level.  People argue the idea of emigrating by saying that those who leave their country and work for another one are not helping in developing their countries, but they are developing the other foreign countries. Egypt has became a place where nothing is developing and no one is heading forward , everything is in a continuous decline such as the currency , economy , technology , production and the education which does not give any sign of progress. Emigrating became the golden key for success; everyone who is taking this decision is asking the same question, where should be my next step? “Europe came out on top of Egyptian migrants desired countries , with 61 percent settling there followed by the United States with 24 percent and Arab countries with 15 percent." (Manar, 2012). Whatever the new country will be, it is going to be much better than in Egypt. For example Dr Magdy Yacoub , the world's best transplant surgeon , had studied at Cairo University, then he emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1962, and then to United States to continue his higher education at the University of Chicago and then he graduated to start his professional career in heart transplantation and surgery. However, Dr Yacoub is a remarkable model for someone who migrated from his country and decided to be independent person to...
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