Emerging Trends in Ecommerce

Topics: Online shopping, Electronic commerce, Retailing Pages: 2 (550 words) Published: February 18, 2013
Online retailers have risen to the economic challenges of the last three years, reporting substantial year-over-year improvements in 2011 over solid 2010 results. And although they continue to face the challenges of navigating the changing world of commerce in a fragile economy, online retailers appear to have a better grasp of managing multiple touchpoints, the latest crazes, and demanding consumer expectations. Consumer sentiment is lukewarm at best, and with more shoppers dipping into their savings to make purchases, they are mindful of their spending choices. A 2011 survey of e-commerce professionals in consumer-facing industries shows that online retailers are overcoming these challenges by focusing on their customers, building Websites around them, investing heavily in the customer experience, and promising new areas for engaging shoppers and growing the company’s base. Initiatives such as mobile that were a blip on the radar in previous years have taken center stage. This compounds a key frustration online retailers face: the integration of multiple technologies, few of which were built for today’s evolved use cases. This paper explains the emerging trends in e-commerce in greater detail. DETAILS ABOUT THE SURVEY

In November 2011, Endeca conducted the Trends for 2012 in Business to Consumer (B2C) Commerce survey to help businesses gain actionable insight into the evolving nature of e-commerce. The survey captured business results from the last calendar year and provides visibility into areas of investment in 2011. Responses were gathered from 221 e-commerce professionals from leading retail, travel, and consumer manufacturing organizations. Among the respondents, 53 percent identified themselves as business-oriented professionals, 37 percent indicated a technical role, and the remainder had an executive role. Of those surveyed, representing primarily companies among the top 500 internet retailers, most were from apparel, travel and...
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