Emerging Into the Australian Market

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Olivia Marnick-Draper

March, 2, 2013
Dr. Eva M. Ananiewicz
CSU-Global Campus


Soothing Rain is a moisturizing body wash that aids in keeping skin moisturized, and also in repairing damaged skin that has been exposed to various weather elements. The product is already readily available within the US market and has benefited from great success within different target markets. The US market has proven that the product is popular among both male and female consumers, typically aged fifteen years and above. With this in mind, the company has plans to emerge into the Australian market within the next two years. This could be greatly beneficial due to the Australian climate combined with the amount of outdoor activities that the people of Australia partake in. The following depicts the marketing plan and efforts put forth in entering Soothing Rain into the Australian market.

Situation and Analysis

Soothing Rain has developed a name for itself within the US market. There is already a pre-existing strong consumer base supporting the product in its home country. The product is a unisex body wash that helps to repair and rebuild skin that has been damaged after being exposed to various weather elements. It also helps to keep healthy skin looking healthy and feeling moisturized. Soothing Rain is featured in two unisex scents that are appealing to all age groups: Summer Blast, which features warm, refreshing tones, and Winter Frost, which features a cooler, mountain scent.

The product is popular with both make and female consumers in the US market, and has been purchased over various income levels as well as geographical locations. It has become evident that the product is primarily used by consumers aged fifteen years of age and older. It is mostly popular with those frequenting outdoor activities or sports, such as hiking, skiing, snowboarding, soccer, swimming, and many more. As a result of these activities, the consumer’s skin becomes less-nourished, and occasionally even quite dry. Soothing Rain combats these issues by restoring the user’s skin and repairing any damage that has been caused by exposure to various weather elements. It also moisturizes the skin in order to prevent further damage, and leaves the user with healthy feeling skin.

Objectives and Goals

With its proven successful sales record in the US markets, Soothing Rain is planning to emerge into the Australian market. For the year 2010, 69.4% of the population participated in physical activity at least once per week, and 47.7% of the population participated at least three times per week. With these figures in mind, out of the top ten most popular activities, nine can be, and most likely were, experienced in the outdoors (Australian Sports Commission, 2012). This puts into perspective the vast potential market that Soothing Rain could be targeted towards.

The product will begin its entry into the market by being offered for sale in small, isolated stores or markets. Examples of these would be local stores, or small chains with two to three locations. The long term sales forecast would be for purchases to increase, creating a want and need for the product. With increased product demand, Soothing Rain will plan to be available in all major stores within various Australian markets, targeting specifically chain grocery and multi specialty stores.

With the success of Soothing Rain within the US market, similar results are expected within the Australian market. Profit is expected to start out slow, until brand familiarity it set in. Once the Soothing Rain name becomes trusted and familiar, we expect increased profit within the first year of sales, with dramatic improvement in years 2 through 5. Becoming a major market contender is the main goal, and reaching this can only lead to ideal financial...
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