Emerging Industry Practices in Hospitality Operations

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Hospitality business is in transition stage, shaping itself better, less expensive, more user and environment friendly and ethical in approach. It’s good for all of them who believe tourism and hospitality a sustainable product. The present study is on emerging trends in operational areas of hospitality and hotels particularly. The scope of the present study is limited to the information available in published media, and internet. The technology has been instrumental in bringing about those changes in hospitality functioning and the way we do business. New concepts with the help of technology like Allergy Free Rooms, CombiOven, non-ODS are finding place in hospitality. These products though expensive initially prove cheaper in long run and hazard free and environment friendly too. Of course, ethical business is in demand and that is sustainable. Similarly in eating and drinking patterns there is change some innovative works like REMY IceBOXX has evolved a new style of drinking.. In construction also hotels are using recyclable products like Dry Walls which are maintenance free and easy to install. The overall benefits go to customer.

Key words: Hospitality, Allergy Free Rooms, CombiOven, ODS, IceBOXX, Dry Walls

Hospitality business is in transition stage, shaping itself better, less expensive, more user and environment friendly and ethical in approach. Its good for all of us who believe tourism and hospitality a sustainable product. The entire setup is providing opportunities to the hospitality professional, a smorgasbord of opportunities. The tourism being the large booty for international trade needs careful implementation of these changes. And of course the business is always ruled by customer when a tough competition drives the market. Customer is new; his palate is defining newer taste than ever and he just not want to compromise on quality and speed with a variety in service styles, so the companies are also gearing up with innovative products through innovative mind. The expansion is huge in hospitality industry, very much on the track what was predicted for the future. Hospitality institutions are also smiling with the great demand industry is offering for anyone who wants to be hospitality professional and committing a great career to them. The compensations are better than ever with additional benefits for employee. Even the training stipend which used to be there just for the name sake and that too deductions for meal & transportation were made has been revised and students are getting better stipend. The credit goes to the Customers, the main force behind this change.

Some new emerging trends in hospitality are:


It’s a new trend shaping up of making rooms allergy free and super clean, a totally new concept to the hospitality industry where the air we breath, sheet we use to sleep, carpet we walk are all free from dust, mites and any kind of allergy.

This service was initiated by Goran B. Anderson through his enterprise Collom Enterprise Inc. The company call it PURE. With a totally new concept to the hospitality and travel industry PURE solutions and its distributors have now installed 6000 hotel rooms and cruise ship cabins worldwide and are expected to double the number of rooms during this year. PURE solutions has seen an aggressive growth in a stressed economy that can be attributed to two main factors. The first being its proven track record of guest satisfaction. This helped create demand on the part of hotel guests. The second factor is that PURE Solutions has developed a creative way to help hotel entities a way to provide these much needed PURE allergy friendly rooms for their guests. Understanding the lack of excess funds available to tackle new initiatives PURE Solutions created a system by which hotels can PURE rooms installed at no...
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