Emerging Concepts in Management

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(i) Title of submission : Emerging Management Paradigms in Education, (ii) Theme area : Emerging Management Paradigms in Education, : Prof R Ramakrishnan

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Presented by me at Golden Jubilee National Seminar On Emerging Management Paradigms Organized by the University Of Madras Department Of Management Studies On February 23,24 – 2006.

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Emerging Management Paradigms in Education
The key success factor for any business in the age of global competition is its ability to innovate continuously, appropriately, and faster than its rivals. This can only happen through unleashing the untapped capabilities of all its employee

When one considers that in any economic activity it is the human element that commands, directs, organizes, controls and maximizes the factors of production. The skills of a nation's workforce and the quality of its infrastructure are what make it unique, and uniquely attractive, in the world economy.

The quality of people appropriate to the particular level and complexities of the activity determines how well or poorly, these tasks are accomplished. The pace at which education and training systems transmit knowledge and skills of the requisite quality directly affects the pace of development

Education and training are the primary systems by which the human capital of a nation is preserved and increased. Education should contribute to the development of a workforce with cognitive skills. The pace at which education and training

systems transmit knowledge and skills of the requisite quality directly affects the pace of development.

Quality in education is a matter of global quest. Over the past decade, two trends have gained the attention of the higher education community: Total Quality Management (TQM) and the Learning Paradigm. This paper will deal with these two emerging management paradigms in education. ******************

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Electronic copy available at: http://ssrn.com/abstract=1751645

Emerging Management Paradigms in Education
Understanding and mastering the paradigms is one important thing for making progress in life and in business. The word paradigm seems to have originated from the Greek and it means model, pattern or example .The paradigm explains the world to us and helps us predict its behavior.

A paradigm can be defined as a group of assumptions, beliefs, values, and social practices shared by a community of people. It is an invisible cultural structure through which we perceive, filter, and make meaning of the world. It influences what we perceive as reality, our possibilities and what we believe is beyond question. It is a set of rules and regulations that does two things: (1) It establishes and defines boundaries; and (2) It tells you how to behave inside those boundaries to be successful

The seven key Characteristics of Paradigms are: 1. Paradigms are common. They give the practitioner the vision. Change in a single rule does not make for a paradigm shift. 2. Paradigms are functional. They are necessary as they are the rules. We mix paradigms to give us diversity that lets us deal with the complexity around us. 3. The Paradigm effect reverses the commonsense relationship between seeing and believing. It reverses the idea of "I'll believe it only when I see it. 4. There is almost always more than one right answer. It allows for more perspectives as different people see the same thing in different ways. 5....
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