Emerging Adults

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  • Published : December 9, 2010
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Emerging Adulthood (but I don’t want to grow up)
Generation Y is a term that is used to describe people born between 1982 and 2002. This generation is also known as the millenials, echo boomers, or Generation Me. They have been depicted as “entitled whiners who have been spoiled by parents who over stroked their self-esteem” (Warner 11). These twenty-something individuals have a very laid back attitude towards work and responsibility; in many ways, they expect things just to be handed to them. Many members of Generation Y are lazy, self-indulgent young adults who refuse to grow up; they primarily want to postpone, for as long as they can, the responsibilities and difficult choices of true adulthood, and they use today’s poor economy as their excuse to delay growing up.

Generation Y is emerging into today’s workforce with a sense of entitlement that was unprecedented in previous generations. Twenty-somethings are taking much longer than their parents to grow up and become financially stable. Many, in fact, are choosing to live at home and stay dependent on their parents (even after graduating from college) instead of facing the real world and living on their own. In prior generations, hard work was valued above all else, but the new “emerging adults” believe that they are entitled to the best jobs without doing any work. Many of these young adults “are very sure that someday [they] will get to where [they] want to be in life” (Henig 4). This generation is making assumptions that are not based on any factual information; they seem to believe that if they wait long enough and gather enough experiences to truly ‘find themselves,’ then they will have ‘it’ all figured out, landing a lucrative and fulfilling career that they will enjoy for the rest of their lives. As Sharon Jayson observes, Generation Y is taking plenty of ‘me’ time to decide what they want their futures to be” (84). They idealistically believe that everything is just going to work out...
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