Emerging Adulthood

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  • Published : June 2, 2012
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How is emerging adulthood considered to be a different stage of life from adolescence and early adulthood?

Emerging adulthood is considered the period of time that bridges the gap between adolescence and early adulthood. Emerging adulthood is generally considered to be from the ages of 18-25 although adulthood is not necessarily based on an age but more of where a person is in life. Previously you would have been considered an adult if you were married, had a full time job, and were living independently. Today it is based more on how a person is adjusting. An adult should have solidified their values and beliefs, accept self-responsibility, be financially independent, and has also created a relationship of equality with their parents. Early adulthood is considered the time where a person establishes a path in life along with a career. Young people explore their rolls in life. This happens in affluent nations where there are more opportunities to explore. This allows the person to figure out personal beliefs. Affluence is where a family can support their child through college and even graduate school. If the family cannot provide this student loans can. The emerging adult has that as a safety net can afford to work through identity issues and create a personal life plan that is important to them.

Is cohabitation a good trial marriage? Why or why not?
More and more people are living together before they get married. In 1960 less than a half a million people cohabitated. Today that number is closer to five million people along with another half a million same sex couples living together. During the 1990s fifty-six percent of the marriages that occurred were preceded by living together first. There is greater than a fifty percent chance that a woman will marry if she has lived with the man for more than five years. More than half of high school seniors’ believe that it is a good idea to live together before marriage. If you are divorced you are more likely...
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