Emergent or Deliberate Strategies

Topics: Lowe's, Wal-Mart, Grocery store Pages: 4 (1306 words) Published: June 30, 2008
Sam Walton opened the first Wal-Mart in the early 1960 with his vision of keeping prices as low as possible. Wal-Mart’s mission has always been ‘Always Low Prices’ which was the result of Sam Walton’s beliefs when he first started Wal-Mart. These beliefs were Respect for Individual, Service to customers and Strive for excellence. Wal-Mart strategy was a deliberate strategy from the very first day Wal-Mart was started. .Wal-Mart mission of low prices and excellent customer service is the backbone behind each and very strategy implemented by Wal-Mart. Every step that Wal-Mart took to attain the lowest possible prices resulted in some of the greatest deliberate strategies that Wal-Mart implemented like cutting edge technology, a corporate frugal culture and a constant push to suppliers to get the lowest possible prices. The technology strategy implemented by forced the retail industry to establish the universal bar code which led to all suppliers/manufacturers to adopt a common labeling which created a shift of power and information database from manufacturers to retailers. The strategy made Wal-Mart a pioneer in supply chain management. Wal-Mart’s quest for low prices led it to import almost 60% of its merchandise from outside of US. Wal-Mart has pursued the low cost leadership strategy deliberately from the start to align to its mission. Wal-Mart’s foray into the global market is more of an emergent strategy. Wal-Mart offers value through economies of scope .Wal-Mart’s entry into UK was done by purchasing a grocery store chain. It expanded into Canada by acquiring Woolco which was floundering at that time this acquisition was made. This tells us that Wal-Mart’s international expansion is as much emergent and opportunistic. IBM

IBM’s strategy is a deliberate strategy. The company strives to lead in innovating, development and manufacture of advanced information technologies. IBM strategy was to implement these advanced technologies to as many areas as...
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