Emergency Vehicle Routing to Maintain Traffic Conditions

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  • Published : March 8, 2011
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A city like Butuan is gradually advancing its technology as well as its infrastructures. As the city grows, it needs planning for the city crisis especially with regards to the emergency vehicles and maintains the traffic conditions without affecting the transportation system quickly and efficiently. One of the persistent problems of the growing city is traffic congestion of different vehicles among city crossroads. This traffic congestion is a major concern especially among emergency vehicles; such as ambulances, fire trucks, and law-enforcement vehicles, during specifically accidents. To lessen these problems, emergency vehicle can relate to a generated routing to reach its destination in the shortest amount of time, thus reducing response time by estimating scene models of background, to automatically rectify the images and to locate the different lanes in the images. The purpose of this study is to develop emergency vehicle routing which guides emergency vehicle to a path considering with or without traffic congestion situation without affecting normal urban traffic flow. This system will be able to generate possible paths for emergency vehicle by taking a certain path from its origin to the desired destination or vice-versa to increase its efficiency from responding to an emergency request. Simulation is becoming more interesting in studying road networking and traffic control issues. With advance computers and newer techniques, traffic conditions in the city of Butuan can reconstruct a model with a more realistic manner. It is an effective way of preparing for an emergency situation or natural disaster that strikes in various sectors. This can also help advance planning and evaluate any traffic strategies to reconstruct new lanes and highways in increasing the performance of Butuan City’s transportation systems. Significance of the Study

The result of this study shall be beneficial to the following:
Hospitals and Fire Department – can response to a medical emergency faster based on the probable paths given by the program. Furthermore, it increases the chances of saving more lives by accomplishing an effective routing and minimizing its response time and performance.

Law-Enforcement Agencies – can arrive at the scene quickly without being affected by the city’s traffic congestions. City Engineers and Architects - a possible theoretical planning and formulate strategies for changing or adjusting our road networks and traffic control systems. It can evaluate some scenarios such as making new roads, expanding most used roads and unanticipated road repairs.

The People of Butuan - will benefit to a well-organized traffic condition without affecting the default road networking and lessen avoidable or unavoidable accidents during the event. Scope and Limitation

This study is focused on how to find a possible path for emergency vehicle routing during traffic conditions in the City of Butuan especially the main highway, J.C. Aquino Avenue and its intersection, the Montilla Street. The studied map area covers only has Butuan City as its limits, the five circled Hospitals in the map shown in Figure 1.0 namely Butuan Doctors Hospital, Agusan del Norte Provincial Hospital, Manuel J. Santos Hospital, E.R. Ochoa Memorial Maternity & General Hospital, and Butuan Medical Center Hospital as its subjects and sources of road/street layouts of traffic lighted area. Any point beyond the said hospitals is not included in the scope and limitation of the project. In addition, the shortest path will be determined as the least number of edges from the point of origin to the desired destination.

Statement of the Problem

This research attempts to respond to the following questions: 1. How to identify possible route from an emergency location to the desired destination? 2. What is the graph representation of Butuan City map...
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