Emergency Room Violence Related to Nursing

Topics: Nursing, Violence, Health care Pages: 3 (785 words) Published: April 11, 2011
Workplace violence is one of the most complex and dangerous occupational hazards facing nurses working in today’s health care environment. The complexities arise, in part; from a health care culture resistant to the notion that health care providers are at risk for patient-related violence combined with complacency that violence (if it exists) "is part of the job." The dangers arise from the exposure to violent individuals combined with the absence of strong violence prevention programs and protective regulations. These factors together with organizational realities such as staff shortages and increased patient acuity create substantial barriers to eliminating violence in today’s health care workplace. Agitated clients in the emergency department, demented elderly patients in medical and geriatric wards, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, and any patient with a history of assault in mental health, hospital care, and community health are common sources of verbal and physical violence against nurses and other health care providers. Discussion of the topic

There is an increase in violence toward Registered Nurses in the emergency rooms. What can be done in order to further protect medical staff from violent behavior from individuals who demonstrate aggressive behavior and what added measures can be implemented in securing their personal safety? The Council of Community Health Nurses and the Congress of Nursing Practices says that , ““The American Nurses Association (ANA , 2000 )supports educating nurses and health care providers in skills necessary for the prevention of violence against women , assessment of women in health care institutions , community settings and research on violence against women ‘ This education can be crucial for nurses .They need to learn the skills that may be necessary in preventing violent behavior toward them , in order to protect themselves . The articles goes on to explain that, ““The American Nurses...
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