Emergency Room Operation

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Service Operations Management

Term Project

Emergency Room Operations

Team Supreme

Seo, Jin ho
Kim, hyo sik
Kim, jeong yeon
Yang, hyunwook
Park, sungyoun
Jung, hong joo
Ho Jia Ling Audrey

Table of Contents

1.0 Introduction ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.2

2.0 Problem Recognition - The Revision of Emergency Duty Law ----------------------------------------------- p.3

3.0 Analysis of Service Blueprint of ER ------------------------------------------------------------------------------ p.5

4.0 Solution --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.9

5.0 Conclusion ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- p.13

1.0 Introduction
The emergency room (ER) is an indispensable medical department to hospitals and medical facilities all around the world. This department specializes specifically in providence of acute medical attention and treatment of patients who usually show up without prior notice or appointment. In other words, the ER’s primary target group of patients is those with a sudden and unexpected need for medical services and attentions at any given time. In general, the ER must be able to provide initial diagnosis and treatment for a broad range of illnesses and injuries, some of which are more crucial than others and may require greater and immediate care. Hence, ER patients can be generally classified into two categories, which we define to be ‘light’ patients and ‘emergency’ patients. There is the issue that emergency patients should be placed under a greater priority to medical services and attention as compared to ordinary patients, who are less severely injured or ill. Given that patient arrivals follow a Poisson distribution (randomly), in order to cater to irregular service demand, the ER generally operates 24 hours around the clock comprising of both day-shift duties and night-shift duties, usually with a variable staffing level to mirror general patient volume. Therefore, due to the critical nature of the ER’s services whereby timeliness and efficiency are of utmost importance, there are various service protocols such as effective situational queuing models that the department must follow to fairly determine and allocate service priorities to each different patient to ensure that they receive the necessary timely medical attention. 2.0 Problem Recognition - The Revision of Emergency Duty Law 2.1 Rationale for the revision of Emergency Duty Law

In August 5th 2012, the Ministry of Health and Welfare had revised the Emergency Duty Law governing emergency rooms in the hospitals. Before the revision, the emergency room generally employed the help of residents. However, the main intent of the revision of the revision of the law is to ensure that every emergency room should have at least 1 specialist and 5 nurses on night duty. After the revision, on-duty residents now first assesses the patients, and if the patients are unable to be treated properly by the residents, they are subsequently assessed by the on-duty specialist, taking over what was usually the job of a senior resident before the law revision. It is a requirement that the names of the on-duty specialist must be posted publicly. In addition, it is also required that even the specialists who are not on night duty must assume duty if the on-duty resident requests for it (on-call). Potential suspension of license or penalty will be imposed under violation of this law. 2.2 The Problem

Two bottlenecks have been identified to appear after the emergency duty law revision. The first bottleneck appeared at the stage of assessment by duty residents because of the publicly posted name list of the on-duty specialist. Many light patients have a tendency to visit emergency room during the night...
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