Emergency Room Criteria , Vivid Description, Concrete Example

Topics: Asthma, Emergency department, Hospital Pages: 3 (853 words) Published: April 3, 2011
Carmen Marin
Dr. S. Shipley
English 1A
April 3, 2011
Emergency Room

In order to evaluate the quality of emergency room care, it is essential to understand and define the standards that define high-quality care. My standards for high-quality Emergency Room care include the following: 1) it maintains life. 2) It provides rapid attention to injuries in order to prevent impairment. 3) It is professional and focused on providing maximized attention to the patients’ needs. 4) It includes rapid response to crisis. 5) It includes alleviating pain. 6) It includes having well-trained personnel.7) It also includes efficiency. 8) It provides rapid assessment. 9) It provides cleanliness. 10) Finally, It utilizes excellent equipment. The American College of Emergency Physicians has established the following standards for high-quality Emergency Room care. 1) Emergency departments must possess the staff and resources necessary to evaluate all individuals presenting to the emergency department (ED.) 2) Emergency departments must also be able to provide or arrange treatment necessary to attempt to stabilize emergency patients who are found to have an emergency medical condition. 3) Because of the unscheduled and episodic nature of health emergencies and acute illnesses, experienced and quality physician, nursing, and ancillary personnel must be available 24 hours a day to serve those needs. 4) Evaluation, management, and treatment of patients must be appropriate and expedient. 5) Resources should exist in the ED to accommodate each patient from the time of arrival through evaluation, decision-making, treatment, and disposition. 6) Excellent facility design 7) State-of-the-art equipment 8) Access to required medications. (www.acep.org)

The first standard is that a high-quality Emergency Room provides rapid attention. When I brought my 17-year-old son, who has asthma, to the Sutter Medical Center Emergency Department, he had difficulty breathing, was wheezing, had...
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