Emergency Preparedness Plan

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  • Published : December 14, 2012
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Emergency Preparedness Plan: Preparing For a Short Power Outage The impact of disasters can be devastating to individuals, families and communities. Disaster aftermaths are filled with chaos, loss of possession, hope, savings and precious lives; however, these issues are greatly intensified when coupled with a power outage. We have grown accustomed to building our lives around electricity. Many businesses are crippled without it; we lose touch with the world when we are not able to watch the news on TV or listen to it on the radio or charge our phones. So it is obvious that electricity is an integral part of our society, so preparing for live without it, even for a short while, is very crucial. One such disaster is a hurricane, which hits with strong force and leaves immense damages on its part. Many who live in the eastern part of America are still tending to sores left behind by hurricane sandy. The New York Times (2012) quoted Gov. Cuomo and Gov. Christie stating the monetary cost of repairs to be approximately $42 billion and $29 billion respectively, to start rebuilding the damaged regions in the states of New York and New Jersey. A major setback in this rebuilding effort was the massive number of power outages. The Huffington Post (2012) noted that as much as 2.2 million homes and business in New York lost power during this catastrophic event. To many of us, hurricane sandy was a huge wake-up call. It gave many a taste of how life is without power, the darkness it brought; the cold winter night; the long lines at gas stations, inflation and even violence from frustrated citizens. My neighborhood was affected during hurricane sandy; we were without electricity for a week. All our foods were damaged. No electricity meant no microwave, no heater, no TV, no radio, no phone and countless other necessities. We had to depend on our gas stove for heating part of our home and warming up our
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