Emergency Operation Plan

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Week 5 Assignment Emergency Operation Plan for Ashford University HSM 315 Emergency Planning
Instructor Donald Walker
November 2, 2012

Emergency Operation Plan
Ashford University
400 North Bluff Blvd
Clinton, IA 52732
Toll-free number
Fax number
After office hours, please call
Clinton Police Department 563.243.1458
Director of Student Success 563.242.4023 ext. 7382
Manager of Campus Security 563.242.4023 ext. 7868
Associate Director of Student Services 563.242.4023 ext. 7789

Disasters, whether natural or manmade, can happen anytime and anywhere, without warning. An earthquake, hurricane, tornado, fire, or hazardous material spill or even an act of terrorism can happen anywhere any time any place. If your business, school, city, town or home and family were faced with an unexpected disaster, would you be totally prepared? A Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) defines the planned response to emergency situations associated with natural and man-made disasters, it is a response blueprint with details on vulnerability, resources, and appropriate actions to take when disaster situations strike. It is a plan that every town, city, school, factory should have incase disaster strikes (Perry & Lindell, 2007). Ashford University, located at 400 North Bluff Blvd in Clinton, Iowa in the mid-western portion of the United States. The area is known for its high incidences of strong storms, which produce violent tornadoes, and flooding that is a constant danger to local residents and students of Ashford’s main campus. The purpose of the, Ashford University l Emergency Operations Plan, is to identify and respond to incidents by outlining the responsibilities and duties of Ashford University and its employees. Developing, maintaining, and exercising the plan empowers employees in an incident to act quickly and knowledgably. In addition, the plan educates staff, faculty, students, and other key stakeholders on their roles and responsibilities before, during, and after an incident. This plan provides parents and other members of the community with assurances that Ashford University has established guidelines and procedures to respond to incidents/hazards in an effective way.

Legal Authority
Federal, Department Of Homeland Security FEMA
Iowa Homeland Security & Emergency Management
7015 NW 70th Avenue Camp Dodge Blvd W-4
Johnston IA, 50131
Phone 515-725-3231
Fax 515-725-3260
Emergency Management of Clinton County Iowa
Chance R. Kness Coordinator – Clinton County Iowa
Clinton County Courthouse
612 N Second Street P.O. Box 2957
Clinton IA, 52733-2957
Phone (563)-242-5712
Fax (563)-242-3395 E-mail emergencymanagement@clintoncounty-ia.gov

Clinton Iowa Police Department
113 6th Ave. South
Clinton IA. 52733-1903
Non-Emergency Phone (563)-243-1458
Administration (563) 243-1455
Investigations (563) 243-1457
Records (563) 243-1456

Clinton Fire Department & Clinton Fire Department Emergency Medical Services Division 344 3rd Ave South
PO Box 2958
Clinton, IA 52733-1903
Emergency Telephone 9-11
Non-Emergency Telephone (563)-242-0125
Fax (563)-243-6724

Ashford University
400 North Bluff Blvd.
Clinton, Iowa 52732
Emergency Contact Information
Police/Fire/EMS 9-11
Campos Security Ext 4900 (From Campus Phones) 563-242-2752

After Hours Contact Information:
Clinton Police Department 563.243.1458
Director of Campus Security 815.718.5685
Director of Student Success 563.249.0988
Associate Director of Student Success 563.249.3183
Plan Activation and Termination
This Emergency Operation Plan for, Ashford University, may be activated by, The Emergency Management of Clinton County Iowa. The EOP may also be activated by the Ashford University President, Dr. Richard L. Pattenaude or Ashford University Provost, Rebecca Wardlow and the manager of campus security. Termination of the Emergency Operation Plan...
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