Emergency Medical Technician and Firefighters

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Why Become a Firefighter?

Fall 2012

I. Based on different sources, interviews, and opinions, the following paper explores the job of a firefighter. It includes the specifications for becoming a firefighter; in addition to what they face every day. Finally the research paper concludes why to become a firefighter, and how important a job of a firefighter is.

1. Why become a firefighter?
a. It is a respected profession which is honored in all counties around the world B. Good job security and benefits b. You are never going to be bored
c. There is a brotherhood among colleagues exist E. Good opportunities for career growth II. What do firefighters do? They serve the country, rescue citizens and fight fires. III. What are the requirements of this job?

d. Become an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT)
e. Volunteer your time.
f. Take fire technology classes at a local community college g. maintain a clean background and lifestyle
h. Understand ALL of the phases of the firefighter hiring process i. Start taking firefighter tests
j. Stop by fire stations
k. Get some life experience
l. Start preparing for your background investigation
m. Learn as much as you can about the fire service and get some "hands on" experience IV. Disadvantage of the job?
n. Very risky and Dangerous
o. Low pay rate
p. High responsibility
q. Early retirement
r. Mostly for men

Why Become a Firefighter?

Why become a firefighter? For many people, fire trucks are cool and firefighters who drive trucks are much cooler. Fire trucks move through the streets at high speeds and firefighters climb ladders to massive heights to save people from fires. These highly trained firefighters risk their lives every...
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