Emergency Contraceptives

Topics: Birth control, Pregnancy, Emergency contraception Pages: 5 (1570 words) Published: May 29, 2013
Emergency contraception should be seen as a respectful pregnancy prevention method rather than just a “morning after pill” for promiscuous women. It has been an available healthcare option for a number of years and has prevented countless abortions. Many couples, teenagers and young adults approve of emergency contraception. However, other categories of people such as parents of teenagers and members of the Catholic Church remain unconvinced that this health-care option is actually beneficial. It is this group of people who must know that emergency contraception is a valued discovery that has saved many lives. The impression society has on emergency contraception should not be sceptical. This is for the reason that emergency contraception is a better alternative than abortion. Secondly, it supports and promotes women's rights. As a final argument, it benefits families, orphanage houses, the government and countless others. Emergency contraceptives (often called EC’s) are often categorized with dangerous methods used for terminating a pregnancy, such as a medical abortion. However, emergency contraceptives are a much better alternative than abortion. This is for three distinct reasons. Firstly, EC’s do not kill the life of a fetus, but avert the beginning of the fetus’ life. Secondly, they are more affordable and reduce the risk of future financial issues. Lastly, emergency contraceptives do not damage a woman physically and emotionally the way abortion does. To begin with, the misconception of EC’s being abortion medication is incorrect; they are birth control pills taken after intercourse and before the fertilized egg becomes implanted into the woman’s uterus (Pancham and Dunn). Unlike abortions, EC’s do not end pregnancies, but they avoid and prevent pregnancies altogether. This is one of the many reasons why emergency contraception should be viewed respectfully. They stop pregnancies from happening without killing a form of life. Besides that reason, EC’s are more affordable than abortions and reduce

the risk of future financial issues. The average cost in the year 2001 for an abortion done in Canada was about $618.46, and this does not include any health-care that was needed after the procedure (Amesa and Norman). Plan B, a well-known emergency contraceptive pill cost $45.95 US. This justifies that abortions can be extremely costly because recovery health-care postprocedure can add to a woman’s expenses. Post-procedure, the patient will need to see a doctor, more specifically, a gynecologist, and she will have to pay for any recovery surgeries and medications. Finally, EC’s do not damage a woman physically and emotionally the way abortion does. The side effects of EC’s are incomparable to the emotional and physical damage that may be caused by an abortion. Known common side effects of EC’s include: dizziness, vomiting, nausea and tiredness. The side effects for abortion can range from internal bleeding to infertility (Dunn and Guilbert). Furthermore, the side effects for emergency contraceptives are short term whereas the side effects of abortion are long-term and permanent. Moreover, an abortion can ruin a woman emotionally. Unintended pregnancies and abortions have significant emotional, social and economic consequences (Pancham and Dunn). The feeling of murder and guilt can overwhelm patients of abortion. The sorting of abortion with EC’s is incorrect, and the image portrayed by EC’s should be positive. The sale and use of emergency contraceptives supports and promotes women’s rights. The acceptance of the use of this health-care option also promotes women’s rights. However, it is a rejected alternative by certain members of Christianity and the parents of teenagers. Their opinion regarding EC’s should change because this health-care option gives women control over the time they choose to have children, and how many children they would like to have. In addition, EC’s provide a way for rape victims to keep the...
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