Emergency Communications

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  • Published: September 16, 2012
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The purpose of our research paper is to discuss the semantics of emergency communications in modern times. Our research specifically focuses on communications between emergency personnel, emergency dispatchers, and first responders during crisis. The main goal is not to examine communications from a historical point of view, but to touch up on the subject of 9/11, since it was such an eye opener for all of us regarding our faults in communications. We believe that this will be an acceptable way to start our paper since it is directed towards emergency communications. On the day that America was attacked by terrorists, it was a disaster for all us, but the information we gained from it was worth at least something. According to a “A Systematic Approach to Improve Communication for Emergency Response”, helicopters flying over the area surrounding the collapse of the first tower tried to report the immediate evacuation of all people in the area around the second tower to the fire department. For reasons still unknown today, the fire department did not receive this message.

Network Congestion
There are two main reasons for communications failures, which are network congestion and hardware failure and damage. Network congestion involves the overflow of information. This could be due to the odd use of user communication methods and malware infestation. Hardware failure and damage during a crisis is usually caused by some of the same factors that they are trying to mitigate. These include natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, and electrical storms. Human error plays a big role in communication failures by entering the wrong information, or accidentally turning off a router. Based on our studies of chapters two, four and five, we believe that the chance of network latency and jitter can be reduced by setting the hot zone as a priority for communication. We are sure that this would already be done if it is deemed acceptable, but...
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