Emergence of Communicative Language Teaching

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Discuss the three terms “Approach”, “Method” and “Technique” and describe one Approach which provides the basis for a Method and subsequently some Techniques under that particular Method.

APPROACH Theories about the nature of
language and language learning Theory of language Structural Functional Interactional

METHOD Objectives

Organization of Content

Syllabus Design

Roles 1. Learner2. Teacher3. Materials

Types of Interaction Types of activities
Content Based

TECHNIQUEImplementation of the design

Classroom Practice

Activities behavior's

In English language teaching process, there are terms that teachers need to know. They are approach, method, and technique. About four decades ago (1963) Edward M.Anthony gave us a definition that has admirably withstood the test of time. According to Edward M.Anthony an approach is a set of correlative assumptions dealing with the nature of the language and the nature of language teaching and learning. In other words the word ‘approach’ in ELT refers to different theories about the nature of language and how languages are learned. Let us move on to our second definition – of method. Method is an overall plan for systematic presentation of language based on selected approach. It consists of a number of techniques, arranged in an order. When we talk about techniques we mean specific activities which take place in a classroom. Using flash cards in the classroom is a technique. Techniques must be consistent with a method, and therefore in harmony with an approach too. According to Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics, Approach refers to different...
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