Embryonic Stem Cells

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  • Published : August 11, 2010
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Thesis Statement:
Research on stem cells is advancing knowledge about how an organism develops from a single cell and how healthy cells replace damaged cells in organisms. The promise of this research is that if scientist can convert stem cell into regular cells like blood or heart muscles and put it back into the body, then maybe they might find a cure for some of the diseases that plague our world now a days such as Parkinson’s, diabetes, leukemia, heart congestion, bone marrow and many more by replacing failing cells with brand new cells. And the list for organ donors for heart and liver transplants might fade; ultimately this research might lead to practical, affordable ways to eliminate many diseases through DNA engineering.

1)What are Stem cells and where are they found?
A)Is the future of medicine with stem cell research?
B)What medical benefits have to offer and what it can cure? C) Can stem cell research very well be the next step to evolution? 2)What are the pros and cons of this research?
A)For example is this research moral or immoral? Is it unethical and inhuman? B) Stem cells are taken from human Embryos.
C) Some may argued that these embryos are leaving people and should not be created for the sole purpose of creating cells. 3)Where does religions belief and government politics stand in all this? A)What are the consequences of politics together with moral divide and human ethics? B)Will the church and government politics have differences in opinions? Will the stem cell debate ever end? C)Why the church opposes Stem cell research?

4)Stem cells and Human Cloning.
A) Why the people’s fear of human cloning?
B) Is creating stem cells the same as cloning?


A)crossing ethical boundaries
B)We are now leaving in a develop world where the discovery of medecine has come a long way.
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