Embryonic Stem Cell Research

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  • Published : January 22, 2011
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Embryonic Stem Cell Research


This paper will define embryonic stem cells. The paper will also discuss the history and the uses of embryonic stem cells for research. This paper will also inform the readers of the importance of stem cell for the treatment of some diseases. The researcher will reveal the similarities and differences between embryonic and adult stem cells. This paper will inform of the dangers of collecting embryonic stem cells from the donor. The researcher will also talk about why stem cell research is such a controversial issue and the misunderstandings of stem cell research from religious groups and other critics. This paper will elaborate on the potential uses of stem cells, such as cloning, and what must be overcome before the uses can be possible. Also it will disclose President Obama’s view on stem cells and the ban that was placed on the research. Finally, the primary focus of this paper is to determine if embryonic stem cell research is ethical.

Embryonic stem cells are defined as cells obtained from an embryo in the blastula phase, when they are still only a few days old, Because they have only begun to differentiate, these cells have the capability of developing into any cell in the human body, a fact which makes them potentially important in medicine. (Company). Human embryonic stem cells have many potential uses scientists are trying to determine how undifferentiated stem cells (undeveloped cells having no specialized cell type) become differentiated stem cells that can become organs and tissues. Abnormal cell division and differentiation are the causes of cancer and birth defects. The study of embryonic stem cells can produce the answer to these problems and how to correct them. Human pluripotent cells can be used to test new drugs and there side effects. Human embryonic stem cells can be turned into these specific cells that are needed to test new drugs. One of the most important uses for stem cells is...
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