Embrace Technology

Topics: Dependency, Computer, Time Pages: 4 (1426 words) Published: February 2, 2013
Embrace Technology!
IPod’s, iPads, smartphones, tablets, do any of these words ring a bell? Many or all of these devices would probably sound very familiar to an average person in the 21st century. Technology surrounds our very bones almost every waking moment of our lives, so much so that many believe we have become entirely too dependent on it. The age that a child receives one of these handheld advanced devices said is rapidly getting younger and younger. This leads many experts to believe that it is making our adolescents and children of the millennial generation become more defiant, and violent. I do agree that humans have become dependent on technology, but are we bad for doing so? Can anyone blame us? I do not agree that we are too dependent on it, in many ways technology makes our lives easier, safer, and more fun in general. A prominent amount of crucial jobs today and in the future involve hours of technological device usage. So, in a way you could say this dependency on technology for some is earning a home, food, and a way of life. Technology is also essential in that it is an excellent way to market, advertise, and express ideas through sites like YouTube, in which many can make their living off of now. Lastly, although technology can be directly related to lots of medical issues such as anxiety, most of these issues can be diverted by taking short breaks from viewing fluorescent lights periodically throughout the day. With these views, I proceed to believe that technology is becoming an essential part of our lives.

Most career paths that a graduate of college will face involve technology in some way shape or form, especially very well paying ones. For instance, computer engineers and programmers that are in specific programs in certain universities are being offered 10-20 or more jobs by just their sophomore year starting at a 75 thousand dollar a year salary. For someone in this field to be efficient and effective in what they are doing, it...
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