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EEE, 3rd year,
EEE, 3rd year,





The world of today has high become a place with very high security but there are hackers (code breakers) and thieves who are trying to bring down this security system. So we need keep updating our security system. Here one of the system which is presently in function could be more secured using Biometrics and Embedded System. In this paper we have used the biometrics (finger print recognition) for security purpose and embedded system to automate the complete process. There many methods in providing security using biometrics we have gone for the finger print recognition. In embedded system we have gone for PIC micro controller (PIC16F877). Here our project is helping the banking sector to safe keep the credit cards so called the plastic money, ATM cards and the bank lockers. We have taken into consideration all factors that affect the security of the present system in those sectors and have given an updated version of security for them .

The biometrics have been used as the lock in providing security and the embedded system has been interface that connect the user and the automated system. We hope to give an better security for the society which needs to be a secured place live for us. We believe that our idea provides better security than the existing system. EXTENDED SECURITY FOR BANKING SECTOR USING


As the name signifies, an embedded system is defined as the system into which the user’s logic or ideas are embedded. Embedded systems include a variety of hardware and software components, which perform specific functions in host system, for example satellites, Washing machine, handheld telephones and automobiles. Embedded systems have become increasing digital with a non-digital peripheral (analog power) and therefore both Hardware and software coding signs are relevant. We are going for micro controller called the PIC micro controller. The PIC micro controller has the following advantages. ➢ Cost effectiveness

➢ Low power
➢ Highly user interactive
➢ A High level of system integration


The PIC16F877 Micro controller belongs to the midrange PIC. ThePIC16F87X Micro controller (MCU) Family provides a migration path from OTP to FLASH in 28 to 44-pin packages, with a wide range of peripheral integration options. This family features a 14-bit instruction set, 5 to 8 channels of 10-bit Analog-to-Digital Converters, interrupt handling capability, various serial interface capabilities, Capture/Compare/PWM, Brown-out Detection and an 8-level deep stack. The PIC16F87X family provides performance and versatility to meet the most demanding requirements of today’s cost-sensitive analog designs. Plus, with FLASH program memory, PIC16F87X devices can be reprogrammed over the entire operating voltage range. The PIC16F87X family is ideally suited for high-speed applications. The PIC16F8 is a 40-pin package and the pin details are shown. FIG.1

Some of the core features of PIC micro controller is as follows.

High-Performance RISC CPU:

• Only 35 instructions are there to implement the user’s logic. • All instructions are single cycle (200 ns) except branch instructions which requires two-cycles. • 128 to 368 bytes of user RAM.

• Up to 256 bytes of data EEPROM memory (internal), but we can interface max of 512KB of memory externally. • Erase/write endurance.
• 14-bit wide instructions.
• 8-level deep hardware stack....
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