Embarrassing Moment

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  • Published : July 4, 2012
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When I was in high school, I used go to school by bus, so everyday I used to wake up, get dressed up, take a breakfast and go to the bus stop. But I always hated wake up too early, so into the bus, as soon as I take a seat, I reclined my head on the window and took a little nap until I got at school. Once, on Monday, after a party in my friend’s house the day before, I went to school against my will, so in the bus I slept deeply and went with the bus till the terminal bus, I woke surprised with the driver poking my shoulder. I got ashamed and had to ask the driver to let me stay on the bus and go back all the way back again to my school, because I didn’t have money to pay another ticket so I had to ask for money to a girl who was next to me. I arrived late at my school, and had to explain to principal my case, he didn’t believe so much, but I entered in my class and saw the last hours of lessons. After that the principal called me and he said to me I had to call my father and asks him to go to high school. My father was angry; he didn’t believe my story because he thought it was a lie. The principal told me that I was punished for lying and I had to go to his office the next day to known my punishment. The next day I was nervous: I went to his office and he said to me that I made a mistake then my punishment would run around the court for an hour. I was in shock because I was never good at sports so I had to do it because the principal told me that if I refused, he would seek a more severe punishment. After that I went to the court for doing my punishment so the physical education teacher spoke with me and she said to me that the punishment set by the principal would be the note of this matter, I was more nervous to hear that because I didn’t want a bad grade so I ran fast but I get tired very quickly I ran for half an hour but I could no longer keep running because I was so tired then the teacher said I got 15. After that I knew I should never fall asleep on...
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