Embarrassing: Laughter and Good Grades

Topics: Laughter, 2006 albums, English-language films Pages: 2 (597 words) Published: December 17, 2012
Some of the embarrassing moments in our lives are worth recalling while others are so disgusting that no one would wish to recall or even be associated with them. That day will forever remain in my mind. I can recall with nostalgia an incident, which took place five years ago. Back at home; my parents would me for the good grades I scored in the term papers. On this one occasion, my mom rewarded me with two hundred dollars for the good grades in the end year finals. In order have fun; I decided to invite my best friends to a hotel for lunch. On arrival at the hotel, I told my friends to order as much as they wished to take. One after another, they placed their orders and immediately the waiters swung into action and started serving us. The food was very delicious just as the services. We all took to eating, talking and laughing at the jokes we made back at school. On finishing the food, the bill was placed on the table. I hurriedly reached my pocket to get the money but to my utter disbelief, the two hundred dollars were missing. After a thorough check in all my pockets, it dawned on me that I had left my dollars in my bedroom. I had been filled with joy and excitement when my mother gave me that I did not remember to put it in my wallet. On waking up in the morning, I was late and so I prepared myself in a hurry leaving the money on the table inside my room. I thought of borrowing money from my friends but none of them could offer any help.

They did not carry any money, as we would be picked by the school bus from home in the morning and only come back in the evening with the same. I approached the waiter and told her about my situation but she was fuming with rage. She ordered me to explain to the director. The hotel director was a kind and understanding man. He listened to my rather unfortunate ordeal and allowed me to rush home and get the money but had to leave my band I.D with him just in case I did not to come back. I hurriedly went home and started...
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