Topics: Embarrassment, Blushing, Eating Pages: 2 (515 words) Published: November 28, 2011

Some things are easier to remember , and some are easier to forget. I can remember my most embarrassing moment as it happened yesterday. I have tried over the years to forget this moment , but it just never seems to go away. I was fifteen years old when my father gave me two-hundred dollars for the good grades I scored in all of my classes. To enjoy it I decided to invite my girlfriend and three close friends to a popular restaurant for a meal. I was so excited to share that moment with them.

At the restaurant , I asked my friends to order as much as they liked. The food was delicious , and the service was efficient. We sat at a table right in the middle of the restaurant. After our food was served all of us began to eat. We ate , talked and laughed at the jokes we made in school. We were having such a great time.

After we had finished eating , I asked the waiter for the bill. I was ready to pay that bill , but I was suddenly surprised. As I put my hands into my pockets I found out they were empty. I got all nervous, and just said to myself, “oh my god I lost the money“. Only then I realized that I had left the money at home. I was in such a hurry that I had forgotten to take the money with me.

I asked my friends if I could borrow some money from them , but they only had brought money for bus fare , so they could not help at all. Ten minutes passed and I did not know what to do. I finally told the waiter that I had forgotten to bring my money. She was very angry and told me to see the manager. Everybody at the restaurant was looking at us as if we had committed a crime. I felt so bad for having my friends go thru such an embarrassment. I did not waste no time in apologizing to them. They told me they understood it could happen to anybody , and they were with me. Fifteen minutes passed until I got to talked to the manager. I was ready to wash some dishes if I had to , but thanks God that was no the case. The manager was a kind gentleman. He...
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