Emarketing in Small Business Enterprises

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E-Marketing - A literature Review from a Small Businesses perspective Dr. Hatem El-Gohary Birmingham City University Business School, Birmingham, UK Cairo University Business School, Cairo, Egypt E-mail: hatem.elgohary@bcu.ac.uk, Tel: 0044 -121- 202- 4616

Objectives This paper aims to build a structured literature review to the field of E-Marketing. This literature review will provide an archive of past research points and methodologies related to the studies of E-Marketing to explore, analyze and develop a clear understanding about the different research topics and methodologies implemented in E-Marketing published articles between 2003 and 2010. Prior work The paper is trying to build on the current body of knowledge in the field of E-Marketing by preparing a complete archive of the past publications in the field of E-Marketing from 2003 to 2010. Approach The paper systematically reviews and categorise the published literature in the field of E-Marketing depending on the Hanson Internet marketing framework by implementing a three stages methodology and thereafter analyses and reviews this literature methodologically. Results The literature review covers many areas such as: E-business, E-marketplace, Electronic Commerce, Electronic platforms, Mobile marketing and many other research areas. Many research gaps were identified in the field especially in the areas of E-Marketing performance as well as E-Marketing adoption in Small Business enterprises (SBEs). To fill these gaps and extend previous studies within the field, there is a need for conducting research to investigate the relationship between implementing E-Marketing and small businesses performance. Based on the findings the author highly recommends depending on a triangulation approach in conducting future research in the field of E-Marketing. Implications The study will provide great benefits for entrepreneurs, policy makers, practitioners, researchers, and educators though providing a clearer view and deep understanding for all the issues related to the field of EMarketing. Value This paper will add to the body of knowledge by investigating and illustrating a survey and systematic review of the published work in the field of E-Marketing. Depending on this review, researchers and scholars in the field of E-Marketing can have a clearer view to set their attitude towards suitable future research studies and methodologies which in turn will contribute to the related accumulated knowledge in the field. Keywords: E-Marketing, Small Business Enterprises, Internet Marketing, E-Mail Marketing, Mobile Marketing, E-Commerce, E-Business, Performance, Literature Review


International Journal of Business and Social Science

Vol. 1 No. 1; October 2010

1. Introduction
Small Business Enterprises (SBEs) do play a major and important role in today’s world economy, and they are recognised as one of the main contributors to economic, development and employment growth. According to Mulhern (1995) 99% of all European companies are small and medium sized (SME) and from 1985-1995 it provided 66% of the employment in Europe. On the other hand, the revolution in information technology (IT) and communications changed the way people conduct business today. In recent years, increasing numbers of businesses have been using the Internet and other electronic media in conducting their marketing efforts, giving the chance for Electronic Marketing (as a new marketing phenomenon and philosophy) to grow in a very dramatic and dynamic way. From the author point of view, implementing E-Marketing by small business enterprise can change both the shape and nature of its business all over the world. Because the increase usage of the Internet and other Electronic Marketing tools (i.e.: E-mail, Intranets, Extranets and Mobile phones) in electronic transactions might create not only a lot of opportunists for small business...
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