Emami Strategic Analysis

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Emami Limited: A Strategic Analysis|

Table of Contents
2.Porter’s Five Forces2
3.Problem Statement and Objectives5
3.1Problem Statement5

List of Figures
Figure 1 Porter’s Five Forces2

List of Tables
Table 1 Types of Programs5

strategy for fair and handsome

* Objective – To sustain the leadership position in the men fairness segment. F&H currently has over 80% market share in the men fairness segment. Being a first mover in this segment, Emami was able to capture maximum value. Other factors such as strong communication and branding strategy (i.e. using Shahrukh Khan as the brand ambassador) were also the critical success factors for Fair and Handsome.

* Scope – Product Offering (customer)

* Advantage – Emami had built its competitive advantage for Fair and Handsome by identifying an unmet need in the market – i.e. need among the men to become fairer. It is therefore the need-based positioning, from which Emami has been deriving the advantage. With the changing competitive landscape, Emami may no longer be able to compete on the need-based positioning alone. There have been a number of competitors of Fair and Handsome such as Fair & Lovely men variant, Nevia men fairness cream and Garnier Light for men that have entered the market and are trying to take the market share away from Emami.

In order to sustain the competitive advantage, Emami will have to reposition itself quickly from need to a variety-based offering. This could mean two possibilities – * Introducing new variants such as Kesar, Sandalwood, etc. * Brand extension of F&H, i.e. product line extension of the same brand into products such as F&H face-wash, scrub, etc.

Identified need for fairness among men to gain first mover advantage Variety based new positioning

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