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  • Published : November 10, 2014
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Dear Prof Chun Sang Yoo,
I have read your many publications (methodology and hypothesis) in detail and found it quite interesting. I am an experienced graduate student having a degree in Mechanical Engineering Technology from University of Engineering & Technology, Lahore, Pakistan. I have hand on experience in the IC Engine field. I am extremely interested in (Combustion characteristics of hydrogen/air premixed flames over a backward facing step). I would like to work under your guidance and would be glad if I could assist you in this or any ongoing project which is related to my interest and field. My ideas and inputs may prove to be helpful to fulfill the demands of this project. I have sufficient Motivation and aptitude to work in this field. I have got a huge appreciation from my university during my graduation by performing in an outstanding way in the subject of IC Engines both theoretically (Grade A) and practically (Grade A+). I have performed so well in this field both theoretically and practically and thus I will be able to match up with the technical and theoretical aspects of this field.

While I started reading question papers to get an idea about the current research problems and opportunities in this field and thus during that I came across the current Graduate Research openings in this field at UNIST. From all the knowledge I have gained about these areas, I find that it fascinates me to a great extent. I am very motivated and open to work under your guidance. Working under your guidance will definitely contribute a lot to my knowledge, skill experience in this field which I wish to pursue further. Please consider my application for Graduate Researcher leading to Master’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering. For your information I have attached my curriculum Vitae, but should you require more information, I would be glad to provide it. I have always wished to work with innovative and dynamic people and I really look forward to be a part of your...
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