Email Marketing and Cmr Model

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Internet Marketing Definition
The definition of internet marketing is the marketing of products or services over the internet. It takes in a wide variety of practices and there are a number of different business models that can be followed. Today we will look at three of the most popular and how to do well in each. Affiliate Marketing

The first is affiliate marketing and this provides a great entry point for so many people. This includes those who have never even considered marketing or business offline in the past. The concept is that you promote products or services by others and if a purchase or a desired action is taken then you receive a commission. A common starting point is with Clickbank who offer a huge number of digital products you can promote. The fact that they are digital means you can get a large percentage of the sale cost as your commission which brings a lot of affiliates on board.

This is typically an online store where goods are sold to individuals or businesses. An e-commerce site can be set up and run in a number of different ways. Established offline businesses will often set up a store selling their goods as an additional revenue stream. They have already created the products and have them in their warehouse but the internet has provided another channel with which to sell them. Another option is to sell using a drop-shipper. If you have no product and are just looking to sell based on a demand then this is a great method. You sell the product and then pay a drop-shipper their fee and you pocket the difference. The drop-shipping company delivers the product for you.

Email Marketing
This is another effective strategy and is not difficult to set up using auto-responder technology. The general system is to get visitors to opt-in to your email list, normally in exchange for a free gift, and then you send emails over time. These should be a mix of...
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