Elvis Presley

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One of the most memorable songs that was ever written is Hound Dog, written and composed by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller, but people remember the person who put it on the charts, Mr. Elvis Presley. Presley used his infamous style of merging rock and roll with gospel music, a technique that has never been done before the 1950s, and pushed the limits of many Americans by erasing the existing line of “black” and “white” music. Going from poor to riches, Presley changed the view and sight of music. With out Presley music would have stayed segregated, the civil rights movement would not have moved forward in music and that would have slowed down the pace and the building of equal rights. Many great artist and bands would not have been created or lived the life they did without Presley paving the way, bands like The Beatles, The Rolling Stones, and Prince.

Elvis, a guy who grew up dirt poor showed America that even though you think you are nothing your voice can be as loud as you want it to be (Sarah Brash 69).Presley did not just start out on top. He had to work hard to become the "King of Rock-n-Roll". Like his father Vernon Presley, Presley lived "above the highway" (Peter Guralnick 10) with his family. Presley was particularly close to his mother growing up because when his twin brother died at birth, his mother and father called him there miracle baby, in account of when he was born he was still alive (Peter Guralnick 17). Over the years Presley became more involved with the church down the road, he became apart of the Sunday gospel choir and he soon became the head tenor in the church. His choir director said that:

Presley had so much spunk and joy in his voice and when he sung
our choir songs he touched all of our families and friends and we
knew that he would be very successful and be a great singer when
he got older. When there was a song that he had trouble with, he
took it home and the next day he would be helping me teach the
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