Elvis Presley

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Andrew Coppa
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A Huge Impact
Elvis Presley, the “King of Rock and Roll” evoked change. He played a huge role in the movement ignited through the sound of rock and roll. Being credited as the founder of rock and roll, Elvis Presley with his new style of music and his abnormal demeanor will take the world by surprise. From his on stage provocative moves to his off stage “habits”, Elvis will bring something new to our society that we have never seen before. Elvis Presley never choreographed a dance, never wrote lyrics for a song, never created one piece of clothing, yet he is known as the “King of Rock and Roll.” Elvis’s music, soul and personality took the world by shock and changed American culture and society forever. He was the complete package; his charming smile, stunning face, angelic voice and unique dancing accumulated to one of the most discernible personalities in history. His impact has become inevitably known as the greatest of any pop culture icon and possibly the greatest cultural catalyst in history.

The largest impact Elvis had on American culture was the integration of black and white. His music had a southern blues feel which was regarded to as the music for blacks. If a random person heard Elvis’s music one for sure would think it was a black male. This was a big deal at the time because racial segregation was at its peak. Elvis used his icon status and position as a role model to encourage others to abandon racism. Since the majority of Elvis’s audience was the younger generation, it will create a rock in a pond effect, thus eventually overcoming racial segregation. Through Elvis’s encouragement of the “soul” genre of music, he essentially started a trend in integrating black and white cultures.

Presley’s provocative dance moves and personality would bring forth “sexual behavior”, specifically the youth. He was the first to bring sexuality into music and creating a whirlwind in American society. Many adults blamed...
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