Elvis Presley

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  • Published : February 19, 2013
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-Elvis Aaron Presley was the first widely known rock and roll singer star. He was named the King of Rock and Roll. -He was born on January 8th 1935 in Tupelo Mississippi to Gladys and Vernon Presley, in a two room shotgun house built by his father. He also had a twin brother, Jessie Garon, who was delivered 36 minutes before Elvis, but was still born -As an only child, Elvis became very close to both parents. His family attended the Assembly of God Church, and that is where he found his initial musical inspiration. -When he was in 1st grade. He was encouraged to enter a singing contest, after impressing the teachers during a Morning Prayer song. Elvis was very shy at this time. -when he was 10 he did his first public performance dressed as a cowboy and sang “Old Shep” -Elvis received his first guitar when he was twelve. His parents could not afford a bicycle or rifle like he wanted, so they bought him a guitar for $12.95 -Over the following year he received basic guitar lessons from 2 of his uncles and the new pastor at the family church, but-Elvis mostly played his guitar by ear. -in 6th grade he was known as a loner and would play his guitar and sing during his lunch time and was often teased about playing hillbilly music. - Elvis grew up in Mississippi, but when he was 13 he and his family moved to Tennessee. - Believe it or not, Elvis received a C in music in the 8th grade! -His music teacher told him he could not sing but he wanted to prove her otherwise. -He was generally too shy to perform but was determine to overcome it and began doing musicals. -During his junior year he began stand out. He grew out his sideburns and styled his hair with Vaseline.-By his senior year he was wearing flashy clothes, playing his guitar, and singing. - The star was born! Elvis had singled out that music was his future! He graduated from Humes High school in 1953, and a year later began his career at Sun Records. - Elvis was well known for his white suit with a stiff...
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