Elt1111E Pre-Course Writing Task

Topics: Light, Turn, Energy use comparisons Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: March 3, 2013
CHAN HO CHING (09625481) ELT1111E Pre-course writing task

Alarmingly, the globe is running out of resource. On the other hand, some countries are military ways to control our valuable resources on the world. Under the fact that Hong Kong has no natural energy resources and we relies much on importing those resource every year, in order to maintain Hong Kong’s competitiveness we have to use energy more efficiently. Recently, some households and offices are wasting energy due to their unsuitable use of lighting. In terms of saving energy, we can simply turn off lights when nobody using.

Not surprisingly, Hong Kong is wasting significant amount of energy on unnecessary use of lighting every day in various areas. In home, we may leave the lights on even nobody using it. In offices, we may also keep the lights on when everybody are gone. These statuses are quite common in Hong Kong. Undoubtedly, we should turn off lights when nobody needs it in order to save energy.

There is no doubt that turning off unnecessary lights is a simple measure which everybody in Hong Kong can participate. Light is something we use every day especially when we are in a building. It is important to let everybody know that we should switch off lights after using it. By this measure, not only the whole Hong Kong can lower energy consumption, but everyone can also save his or her cost on paying for the electricity.

However, some people may feel negative to this measure due to different reasons. For example, some people are afraid of darkness and they may turn on lights even when they are sleeping. Some may also argue that turning on lights is a security mean for them as pretending somebody is at home so that to scare thieves away. These people may not be willing to switch off lights when no one using it.

It is clear to see that the Earth’s future is in our hand. If we do nothing, the Earth comes to an end. Turning off unnecessary lights is a simple and easy method for everybody to...
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