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English as a Second Language
The ESL test consists of two parts; the Reading Skills and
Language Use tests are used in combination to place
students into the appropriate reading and writing
These tests are used for placement into the following
*ESL 67 – Introduction to College English Skills
*ESL 76 – Intermediate Reading & Comprehension Skills
*ESL 78 – Intermediate Writing Skills
*ESL 86 – High Intermediate Reading Comprehension
*ESL 88 – High Intermediate Writing Skills
*ESL 96A – Introduction to College Reading & Study Skills
*ESL 98A – Introduction to College Writing
How often can the test be taken?
This test may be taken twice ever with seven days
between test dates.
How long will the test take?
There is no time limit on either part of the test so time
for completion will vary from student to student.
Average time is 30 minutes for each portion or an hour
for both.
How many questions are on the test?
A total of 20 multiple choice questions are administered
on the Language Use test and 20 multiple choice
questions on the Reading Skills test.
When will the results be available?
Results will be available immediately upon completion of
the test. Results are valid for two years.

Reading Skills Sample Questions
1. Television has been introduced to almost every
country in the world, reaching a large number of viewers
on every continent. About 600 million people saw the
first person walk on the moon, and a billion people
watched the twentieth Olympic Games. Television has in
many ways promoted understanding and cooperation
among people. It does this by showing educational and
cultural programs.
According to the passage, which of the following is
A. Television is watched in nearly every country.
B. Not everybody who had a television set could
watch the 1998 World Cup finals.
C. Watching television makes people dissatisfied
with their own lives.
D. Television was invented in 1980.
2. Janet’s parents bought her a new sports car as a
birthday present. It was blue. Janet sold her 7-year-old
blue pickup truck to a high school student. The truck
could not go very fast, but the student was happy with it.
According to the passage, which of these statements
is true?
A. Janet bought a pickup truck and a sports car.
B. The pickup truck was faster than the sports
C. The high school student traded cars with
D. The pickup truck was older than the sports
3. Some of Edward Weston’s black-and-white
photographs of American nature scenes are
considered superb examples of visual art. Indeed,
some of his photographs have commanded top prices
at art galleries.
Which of the following best characterizes Weston’s
A. They belong to famous collectors.
B. They have been sold in art galleries for large sums
of money.
C. They introduced many Americans to visual art.
D. They contrast American cities with natural
4. Speaking to a group of people can be a frightening
experience. Some speakers cope by looking above the
heads of the audience. Others try to imagine that they
are talking to a friend. A few try picturing the audience in some non-threatening way, such as in their pajamas.

The author of the passage assumes that speakers
A. feel comfortable when addressing an
B. scare the audience.
C. encourage people to talk during the speech.
D. speak only to familiar people.
5. People have different ways of learning. Some are
better at making mental pictures of new ideas. Others
are more comfortable with writing lists of things to
memorize. Certain people can learn best when listening
to music, while others need silence to concentrate.
Which of the following is the main idea of the
A. Mental pictures help many to learn.
B. Some people prefer lists to making mental
C. To learn well you need to be comfortable.
D. Different individuals have different ways of
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